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  • Working with sections


Library description



  • Working with sections


EasyKitchen is a library for parametric design of kitchen and cabinet furniture in SketchUp.

It was created by furniture makers with more than 10 years of experience, so everything in it will be clear and familiar to a professional. And it will be easy for beginners to figure it out and avoid mistakes, because initially everything is set up according to the standards of furniture production. Yes, and some secrets of furniture makers for a more aesthetic appearance of finished furniture are also here.

The library is a set of ready-to-use kitchen modules and elements, as well as a large number of panels and sections for building any cabinet furniture. All this is equipped with a lot of parameters that you can set yourself, thus changing the overall dimensions, equipment and even appearance. Thus, you can create furniture of any complexity and with absolute precision. In total, there are more than 500 such components in the EasyKitchen library:

EasyKitchen components

All modules and elements included in the EasyKitchen library have built-in technologies that make the library flexible and convenient:

  • No deformation of the geometry - when changing the dimensions of the modules, there is no displacement and deformation of the geometry of the components included in them.
  • Without stretching textures - when changing the dimensions of the modules, the textures on the components included in them are not stretched.
  • Correct ends - the texture on the ends of the panels is located along, not across.
  • Binding axes - additional binding axes according to the external dimensions of modules and other elements for the convenience of their positioning in the project.
  • Parameters with links - some parameters of nested components are linked to the main parameters for faster module setup.
  • Flexible structure - modules consist of standard components included in the library. This makes the module structure very flexible and standardized.
  • Report generation - modules are configured to display all their components in detail. This takes into account all the parameters of the modules.
  • Click actions - all module components support mouse click actions (opening doors and drawers, rotating textures, and much more).
  • Illumination - modules support the creation and editing of grooves for the illumination profile.
  • Grooves for GOLA profiles - vertical and front panels support the function of creating grooves for GOLA profiles.
  • Hot Swap - components of modules that support "hot swap" can be replaced at any time by others using the replacement plugin.
  • Dynamic Menu - manage some of the module's frequently used options with a single mouse click using the dynamic menu.

In addition, the library comes with a plugin that allows you to replace textures, facades and much more on the entire project at once or on a separately selected module in just a couple of mouse clicks:

Плагин SketchUp замена текстур

And for the finished project, you can create documentation for production with full details and estimates. All this will be displayed as a familiar Excel file:

From here you can take the finished detailing and transfer it to any cutting program, as well as display the cost of the project in the "Estimate" tab. And if a mistake was made in the project, then it can be corrected right here. In this case, the program will try to point to it.

Thus, the EasyKitchen library performs a full cycle from creating a project to sending it to production. The so-called "Design-Production" principle. And all this can be done by 1 person.

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