The emergence and development of the EasyKitchen library

Back in 2015, tired of the sluggishness, complexity and poor visualization of such furniture programs as Basis and PRO100, I started looking for something new. We needed a more flexible tool with the possibility of photo realistic rendering. And at that time it was the visualization that stood in the first place. I wanted to overtake competitors in this particular direction, so that our furniture company would be the first in the city to provide customers with photo-realistic sketches of furniture.

Having tried several programs focused on furniture production, I realized that the search needs to be expanded to software with wider functionality. Any BCad and Kitchen Draw did not satisfy in many respects. More serious editors (3D Max, Maya, etc.) were used. But they turned out to be too difficult to learn and too fancy.

Once I came across SketchUp. The interface of the program bribed with its simplicity and uncomplicatedness. No clutter of buttons and heaps of obscure windows. Just a couple of toolbars and a large workspace. I found out that there are many visualization plugins for SketchUp (including free ones). And then it began! In the beginning, all my designs were built using regular lines and push-pull geometry. Then the groups came to the rescue. Model editing just got easier. This is probably how everyone started their acquaintance with this program. Twilight Render, which is free in the Hobby version, was chosen as the rendering plugin. Needless to say, the sketches of furniture that we began to provide to customers were met with a bang. They were many times better than the visualizations of specialized furniture programs.

After some time, I came across information about a dynamic library for designing furniture in SketchUp. I contacted the author and purchased it. It was a kind of epiphany. Until that day, I had no idea that the possibilities of the program are so wide. From that moment, the study of dynamic components began. For some time I used the purchased library, but its functionality was quite complicated. Sometimes, to perform the simplest actions, it was required to watch another training video. Also a disadvantage was a very limited set of modules and their lack of flexibility. As a result, the idea came to my mind to create my own library. Simpler so that everyone can easily master it. More flexible so that it can be used to solve any situation. More modern so that it supports most of the modern мебельной фурнитуры. Так в 2017 году началась история библиотеки EasyKitchen.

Timeline of EasyKitchen

Some significant milestones in the history of the library


November 14

The first version of EasyKitchen 1.0.0 was available for purchase. There was no functionality in the options window. Instead of a dynamic menu, there were simple square buttons.

The library included 60 modules. The weight of the archive was only 14.1MB.

December 18

EasyKitchen 1.0.1. The parameter window has been used. There was a "hot swap". Some modules have been merged.

The library included 59 modules. The weight of the archive was 18.8MB.


March 28

EasyKitchen 1.0.5. Added support for GOLA profiles. New dynamic menu.

The library included 57 modules. The weight of the archive was 29.2MB.


April 1

Not a joke) Failure with the new dynamic menu, which turned out to be unbearable for SketchUp. All modules of the almost finished EasyKitchen 2.0 are being redesigned to work without a dynamic menu.

May 30

Easy Kitchen 2.0. The library has been completely rewritten. Removed dynamic menu. Now you can create a detailed report. The library included 149 modules. The weight of the archive was 49.3MB.

June 24

The appearance of an addition with front fittings - EasyHandles.

In total, at that time, the addition included 62 models of furniture handles in urban style.

August 06

The EasyFacades add-on was released, which at that time included 7 new facades and a facade constructor consisting of 27 elements.

September 2

EasyKitcnen has been updated to version 2.6. The dynamic menu appeared again, this time more optimized. Added new types of pencil cases. The library included 157 modules. The weight of the archive was 57.8MB.


February 22

The stable version of EasyKitchen 3.0 has been released. The library has been completely rewritten again. Optimized parameters and geometry. Updated all add-ons for compatibility with the 3rd version.

The library included 244 modules. The weight of the archive was 166MB.

March 9

Modules of sliding doors of the Aristo system were added to the library.

April 20

The Redcut report handler has been completely rewritten. Downloading files has become much easier and faster. The functionality of detailing and estimates has been significantly expanded.

August 31

The alpha version of EasyKitchen 4 has been released, which has been seriously optimized and improved. Similar modules are merged into one with extended functionality. Dynamic edges and fittings appeared.

September 12

The release of a new plugin that allows you to hot-swap and change textures for all modules in the project at once.

November 11

A stable version of EasyKitchen 4 has been released, in which new functionality has been added and all bugs in the alpha and beta versions have been fixed. There are fewer modules due to the combination of the functionality of similar modules into one. The library included 213 modules. The weight of the archive was 131MB.

December 12

The EasyKitchen library has been updated to version 4.1. Minor module fixes and facade adjustments. Added updated smart facades.

21 December

Addition of EasyFacades replenished with dynamic lattices. 7 types of grilles were released with flexible functionality for customizing the appearance.


24 May

Release of EasyKitchen 4.2.0 (BETA). A lot of new functionality has been added. There was a version numbering for all modules and components. Added cuts for HDF. Redcut added many new features and shared it with the price list. The site has a "Repository" section.

July 4

Release of EasyKitchen PRO 4.3 [Stable]. Fixed bugs and shortcomings of the BETA version. The library itself included 262 modules. The weight of the archive was 183MB.

July 14

Work has begun on light, designer facades. This will lighten the library and speed up work with it and with the component replacement plugin.

July 28

From now on, the library is numbered with only one digit. For example - EasyKitchen 4. The information by which you can judge the update is the date the package was updated.

October 7

A huge layer of work on Blum drawer systems has been completed. Subscribers now have almost all possible functionality for Blum fittings at their disposal.

October 29


The total number of EasyKitchen library modules and all add-ons to it has exceeded 500!

November 25

Update of the EasyKitchen PRO library, which reduced the "weight" of the library by as much as 128MB. Basic fronts and basic drawers have been simplified. This made it possible to significantly lighten the library and speed up its work. It also became possible to replace hinges and lifters through the plugin.


January 29

Release of EasyKitchen 4.2.0 (BETA). A lot of new functionality has been added. There was a version numbering for all modules and components. Added cuts for HDF. Redcut added many new features and shared it with the price list. The site has a "Repository" section.

February 10

Redcut got export not only to ViYar, but also to SketchCut PRO.

February 19

The library has been replenished with a new addition called EasyCabinets. The essence of the add-on is that it includes ready-made templates for cabinets and sections that can be combined to quickly design cabinet furniture.