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  • Working with sections


Dynamic functions



  • Working with sections


Working with the library in one click

Most elements of the EasyKitchen library support dynamic interaction with them. The well-known function of opening doors and drawers. This will not surprise anyone. But there are other elements that can also be modified with one click of the mouse. Few people know about this. Therefore, we decided to dedicate an article to this wonderful feature, which will greatly simplify and speed up the creation of your projects.

To activate the dynamic functions of modules and components, you must first select the dynamic components plugin tool "Interaction with dynamic components".

If you do not have such a plugin (but only in the PRO or MAKE version of SketchUp), then you need to add it to the toolbar by right-clicking on an empty area of ​​the toolbar and select "Dynamic Components" from the list. This is what the dynamic components toolbar looks like:

Opening buttons

Starting with EasyKitchen 3, there are buttons for opening doors and drawers. By default, they are hidden and therefore inactive. You can display them through the "Layers" window. You need to check the box next to the item "Opening buttons":

Окно слоёв

After that, on all modules where it is possible to open doors or drawers, invisible opening buttons will appear:

Анимация открывания дверей

Although the opening buttons are invisible, they also consist of geometry and are painted in a transparent texture. So sometimes it can get in the way. For example, sizing can be difficult. Or by chance, you can take the transparent color of the open button with an eyedropper and apply it to other elements.

To prevent this from happening, you just need to disable the display of opening buttons through the layers window by unchecking the corresponding item.

Dynamic menu

In the 4th version of the EasyKitchen library, the need for a large-scale dynamic menu has disappeared, because. a dynamic edge appeared on the ends of the panels. Therefore, there are only a few buttons that perform only the most necessary functions:

Динамическое меню в EasyKitchen

To display a dynamic menu, you need to activate it through the "Layers" window, check the box next to the "Menu" item.

Texture rotation

Textures on module panels are rotated by dynamically clicking on them (with open buttons disabled). In addition to visual rotation, the parameters of the length and width of the part also change. This will be shown in the report.

Текстурирование панелей в EasyKitchen

End caps on profiles and sides

This functionality is something many people don't know about. On wall trims for worktops, as well as on profiles for lighting and GOLA profiles, caps can be changed with one click of the mouse. Hotspots are located to the left and right of the element's center. Clicking changes the type of stubs to the next one. And so in a circle.

Unusual active elements

Perhaps this functionality is not useful, but it is still present in the library.

For example, on a dish dryer, you can remove the tray.

And on the legs of the bottom row of kitchen cabinets, in one click, you can add or hide a clip for attaching the plinth.

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