Проектирование кухни в SketchUp

Try EasyKitchen

Demo version of the library

The demo version is designed to familiarize you with the possibilities of furniture design using the EasyKitchen library. The functionality corresponds to the professional version. Only the number of modules is limited and there is no plug-in for generating a report.


What is included in EasyKitchen DEMO?

Compared to the professional version, the number of the demo version of the library is very limited. It includes only a few fully functional modules with which you can build a simple kitchen set. Also, as in the full version, you can open doors and drawers, work with module parameters and use the dynamic menu. But there is no plugin for changing textures, facades and generating a report. Therefore, to make detailing and estimates will not work. It only comes with the professional version of the EasyKitchen PRO library.

To download a demo version, you need to subscribe for free. In fact, this is registration on the site. After that, the library can be downloaded from the "Repository" section.

* The number of installed copies of the EasyKitchen library and its add-ons is not limited within the organization that purchased the subscription. This restriction is described in more detail in our License Agreement.

Just enter data

Parametric furniture design.

The EasyKitchen library is based on parametric furniture design. This approach allows you to modify modules and individual components of the library by simply entering parameters. You don't even need any special skills to work in a 3D editor. All entered data will be instantly applied to the selected module.

Параметрическое проектирование мебели
Динамическое меню EasyKitchen

Dynamic menu

Quick access to popular functions.

Need a glass door? Or change the position of the handle? Or maybe you need to add hinges if the door is big enough? All this can be done using the dynamic menu. Most of the popular functions are duplicated in it, so as not to look for them among a large number of parameters.

Dynamic functions

Doors, drawers and more.

Almost all elements of the EasyKitchen library have dynamic functions that are activated with a simple mouse click. In particular, all doors and drawers have an opening function. Also, with a simple click, you can change the direction of the texture on the panel, change the type of corner on the sides and profiles, as well as change the angle of the cut on the crown, etc.

Открывание фасадов и выдвижных ящиков кликом
Изменение размеров модуля с сохранением пропорций элементов


Without deformation and shifts.

Regardless of how the dimensions of the module change, all the proportions of its components will be preserved. The panels will remain exactly the thickness specified in the parameters. The shelves will stretch so that there are no extra gaps. And the fittings will retain all sizes and proportions.

Demo kitchen

What furniture can be created?

In EasyKitchen DEMO you will also find a ready-made kitchen assembled from the modules included in this demo. It is fully functional. You can open doors and drawers, call up a dynamic menu and change module parameters. And that's not all! Through layers, you can display a dynamic menu, module names, adjust the edge, hide panels, facades, drawers, fittings and much more. All doors and drawers can be opened with a simple mouse click. Options are also available with which you can make any changes to the modules.