Kitchen Design in SketchUp

EasyKitchen DEMO

Demo version of the library

The demo version is designed to familiarize yourself with the possibilities of furniture design using the EasyKitchen library. The functionality corresponds to the professional version. Only the number of modules is limited and there is no plug-in for report generation.

Package Contents

What is included in EasyKitchen DEMO?

Compared to the professional version, the number of demo versions of the library is very limited. It includes only a few full-featured modules with which you can build a simple kitchen set. Also, as in the full version, you can open doors and drawers, work with module parameters and use the dynamic menu. But there is no plugin for report generation. Therefore, to make the details and estimates will not work. It only comes with the professional EasyKitchen PRO library.

To download the demo version, you need to go through a short registration, after which the library can be downloaded directly from your profile. It is absolutely free.

Free /Lifetime

* The number of installed copies of EasyKitchen library and additions to it is not limited within the organization that acquired the subscription. This restriction is described in more detail in our License Agreement.

Demo kitchen

What kind of furniture you can create?

In EasyKitchen DEMO you will also find a ready-made kitchen, assembled from the modules included in this demo version. It is fully functional. You can open the doors and drawers, call up the dynamic menu and change the parameters of the modules.

Кухня из EasyKitchen DEMO