EasyKitchen PRO

Program for designing furniture.

EasyKitchen is the friendliest library for designing kitchen and cabinet furniture in SketchUp. The intuitive interface and unsurpassed simulation speed allow you to create projects faster than in any other program. And dynamic functions will delight your customers!

Furniture design

Kitchen and cabinet furniture of any complexity.

Design any kitchen and cabinet furniture, because the EasyKitchen library contains more than 150 modules for the kitchen and more than 20 types of panels for constructing any type of furniture. However, there are no restrictions on the design of products. Everything is configured. EasyKitchen is suitable for designing custom furniture like no other program.


Transform your sketches.

Provide the customer with a photorealistic visualization of his future furniture. Such a project will not leave anyone indifferent!

It is easy with the EasyKitchen library, because there are a large number of plugins for visualization in SketchUp. Including free. Just install the plugin you like and configure the materials in your project. Rendering time depends on the power of the PC, the complexity of the geometry of the project and the visualization settings.


Streamline your work and discover new opportunities.

EasyKitchen for designers

Embody your projects in the most convenient environment for furniture design, without restrictions in the flight of imagination! The endless possibilities of three-dimensional modeling of the SketchUp program in combination with the EasyKitchen library and dozens of plug-ins for visualization make it easy to create interior design and furniture projects.

EasyKitchen for constructors

EasyKitchen library provides absolute precision and flexibility in creating projects. The library is based on parametric furniture design. This means that you can change the geometry of the modules as you wish only by entering parameters. The result will be instant! And this does not require knowledge in the field of 3D modeling. For the finished project, you can get detailed detailing and estimates in just a few seconds.

EasyKitchen for business

An important feature of the library is the ability to create scalable products. This means that having created the project once, you can change its dimensions without deformation of the geometry and displacement of parts.

This opens up new opportunities for furniture companies that are engaged in finished furniture. Fit the cabinet size to the desired niche? Question a couple of mouse clicks! For companies that manufacture custom-made furniture, this functionality will also be useful. Create elements or entire libraries of furniture products that you can immediately offer to customers. Fitting to the right size is done in seconds.

EasyKitchen for private projects

Do you want to design furniture yourself at home? With EasyKitchen library, it is very easy! A huge number of modules will allow you to create any project. Do not worry about the technical side of the issue. We have invested more than 10 years of experience in furniture production in the library. Therefore, all elements are configured so that there are no errors or deviations from the standards.

Learning to work in the EasyKitchen library is not difficult. To do this, there is a section "Documentation" and a Youtube channel with training videos.

Caution! The ease in mastering the program can lead to open your furniture production;)


Project details and estimates

The principle of "Designer-Production" is laid in the library, which allows you to bypass all the intermediate stages of calculations and calculations. This means that the designer only needs to draw furniture. Then EasyKitchen itself will prepare a detailed specification. She will give a complete list of furniture details indicating the edge, its type and footage. Indicate the quadrature of the materials and make a detailed estimate of the project. With this she can cope in just a minute. You can immediately send to production!


Video tutorials and documentation

Documentation on the site

In the "Documentation" section you will find all the information on the EasyKitchen library and on additions to it. From basic knowledge to advanced design of parametric furniture products.

YouTube channel

Sometimes text and images are not enough to show all the functionality in action. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. There you will find many video tutorials on the EasyKitchen library and its elements.

SketchUp tutorials

For those who have just started to learn the SketchUp program, we periodically release educational articles written in a simple language, with visual gifs. They are also located in the "Documentation" section.


Subscriber jobs

White kitchen

White kitchen

The project of a corner kitchen set with white painted facades. The design and visualization took about 1.5 hours. As a rendering engine used Twilight Render.
Modern style kitchen

Modern style kitchen

The kitchen is modern in style. Instead of handles - GOLA profile. Facades - Egger, countertop - artificial stone. Used libraries: EasyKitchen 2.6.1 and EasyTex...
Kitchen 2

Kitchen 2

Kitchen set for evaluation! The hob and oven are in the next room. There is already a ready-made headset. This part is just a sink, dishes, washing machine and ...
Teen room

Teen room

A combination of a computer table, a slide for TV and a wardrobe. The furniture is located along the entire wall.


Feedback from subscribers

There is nothing more pleasant than a good review of the work done. Thanks to all the subscribers for their nice words and high ratings! We will continue to work with a vengeance on the EasyKitchen library, delighting you with new functionality!

Andrei Salamandic

пожалуйста, не меняйте версию sketchup в минимальных требованиях. у меня изначально стоял 2020. открыл демо сцену и лагает просто жуть. только поставил версию 2017 и сцена работает как часы. пусть так и остается. спасибо. кстати спасибо за прекрасный пакет.

Марина Киреева

Доброе время суток. Купила библиотеку. Очень нравится сама библиотека и отдельно хотела отметить службу поддержки. Ребята быстро реагируют и помогают . Спасибо .

Николай Хомич

Здравствуйте , не скажу что ещё полностью перестроился на вашу библиотеку . Но она мне очень нравится . Оценка высокая так как нет необходимости переучиваться , до этого работал в про 100. Проблема в обучении, не в конструировании .а в настройках рендера. Рекомендую! Библиотеку брал второй раз.

Александр Попов

Привет! Пользуюсь библиотекой ещё с версии 1.5, когда появилось первое динамическое меню. Оно конечно работало очень тяжело) Но было удобно! И когда в версии 2.0 его убрали, стало непривычно делать все действия через параметры. Теперь появилось новое динамическое меню и это значительно упростило мне жизнь)) И оно значительно быстрее работает! Спасибо вам за это ребята!!! Не хватает пары пунктов. Например, для управления профилем GOLA. Надеюсь они появятся в следующих версиях? В остальном библиотека очень удобная и доступная. Рекомендую всем, кто устал от недостатков PRO100 и Базиса;) Всем, кто хочет большей свободы в проектировании и красоты в эскизах!

New in EasyKitchen

Sliding door modules MODUS MS164

A new set of modules for EasyKitchen PRO library - compartment doors with thin profile Modusline MS164. Five modules are included, with a different number of compartment doors. As in the Aristo system, here you can divide the door into 9 inserts with semi-automatic resizing, change the direction of the texture with a simple click on the insert, open the doors and change their position. But the main thing is the appearance. The thin profile looks more elegant and will definitely decorate your projects.

Sliding door system


From the developers blog.

Hot summer discount!

Hot summer discount!

Ladies and Gentlemen! We announce the beginning of a hot summer 30% discount on all products from our store. This is the last promotion before the release of Ea...
News about the new version of EasyKitchen 3.1

News about the new version of EasyKitchen 3.1

The development of a new version of EasyKitchen is in full swing. About 30 kitchen modules with improved functionality and capabilities are already ready.
EasyFacades small update

EasyFacades small update

A small update to the EasyFacades library was released, in which a couple of new furniture facades appeared and new functionality was added.
Teaser EasyKitchen 3.1: Gas Lift

Teaser EasyKitchen 3.1: Gas Lift

In the new version of the EasyKitchen library, for modules whose facades open upwards, by default they will be equipped with gas piston lifts (gas lift).


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