Программа для проектирования мебели

EasyKitchen PRO Library

A complete professional version of the library for furniture design.

In this library you will find everything that may be required for the design of kitchen and cabinet furniture in SketchUp. It contains a huge number of modules and components, as well as a plug-in for generating project specifications with detailed details and estimates.

Package Contents

What is included in EasyKitchen PRO?

The professional version of the library includes a huge number of various modules with which you can design a kitchen set or other cabinet furniture of any complexity. The purchase is made out as a subscription for a period of 1 year, so you will have 365 days, during which you can download all the updates for the library and receive technical support for any questions related to working with EasyKitchen. After the subscription expires, you can renew it at any time, and with a 20% discount.

$129/365 days

* The number of installed copies of EasyKitchen library and additions to it is not limited within the organization that acquired the subscription. This restriction is described in more detail in our License Agreement.

Designing furniture for everyone

From beginners to large manufacturing companies.

For interior designers

EasyKitchen, thanks to its flexibility, allows you to implement even the most incredible furniture designs. The correct technical standards are maintained. Therefore, create your projects, without restrictions in the flight of imagination!

For furniture designers

Designing finished furniture? Then the panel system for furniture design, which is included in the library kit, is very useful to you. Build your project from them and scale it as you like. In this case, the proportions of all elements included in the model and their position will be preserved.

To design custom-made furniture

If you are engaged in the production of custom-made furniture, where sometimes you have to deal with very complex, non-standard projects, then EasyKitchen is definitely your choice. The library has amazing flexibility. Everything is configured, so EasyKitchen is suitable for designing non-standard furniture like no other program.

For newbies

Want to design furniture yourself? With EasyKitchen library your project will be executed at the highest professional level. In this case, no special knowledge in furniture production is required. The library has invested over 10 years of experience in furniture design and production.

Library features

What kind of furniture you can create.

Kitchen furniture of any style

Modern and classic kitchens, as well as loft and other styles - design any kitchen set using the very flexible functionality of EasyKitchen PRO library. And for the most realistic sketches, there are additions with new types of furniture facades and handles.

Any cabinet furniture

Wardrobes, dressing rooms, children's furniture, furniture in the bedroom, bathroom and many other types of cabinet furniture. All this is easily designed using the panel system included in the EasyKitchen PRO library. You can also use kitchen modules.

Report generation

Project specification

EasyKitchen PRO contains a plugin for generating a project report. Save the finished project, then select with the mouse all the modules that you want to send to the report and click the Cutting Report plug-in button. After a few seconds, the report will be ready. We open it using the Redcut file and get a detailed specification with details and estimates.