Программа для проектирования мебели

EasyKitchen PRO

Professional version.

In this library you will find everything you may need to design kitchen and cabinet furniture in SketchUp. It contains a huge number of modules and components, as well as a plugin for generating project specifications with detailed details and estimates.


What is included in EasyKitchen PRO?

The professional version of the library includes a huge number of various modules with which you can design a kitchen set or other cabinet furniture of any complexity. The purchase is made out as a subscription for a period of 1 year, so you will have 365 days during which you can download all updates for the library and receive technical support for any issues related to working in EasyKitchen.

* The number of installed copies of the EasyKitchen library and its add-ons is not limited within the organization that purchased the subscription. This restriction is described in more detail in our License Agreement.

Just enter data

Parametric furniture design.

The EasyKitchen library is based on parametric furniture design. This approach allows you to modify modules and individual components of the library by simply entering parameters. You don't even need any special skills to work in a 3D editor. All entered data will be instantly applied to the selected module.

Параметрическое проектирование мебели
Динамическое меню EasyKitchen

Dynamic menu

Quick access to popular functions.

Do you need to make a door with glass? Or change the position of the handle? Or maybe you need to add hinges if the door is large enough? All this can be done using the dynamic menu. Most of the most popular functions are duplicated in it, so as not to look for them among a large number of parameters.

Dynamic functions

Doors, drawers and more.

Almost all elements of the EasyKitchen library have dynamic functions that are activated with a simple mouse click. In particular, all doors and drawers have an opening function. Also, with a simple click, you can change the direction of the texture on the panel, change the type of corner on the sides and profiles, as well as change the angle of the cut on the crown, etc.

Открывание фасадов и выдвижных ящиков кликом
Изменение размеров модуля с сохранением пропорций элементов


Without deformation and shifts.

Regardless of how the dimensions of the module change, all the proportions of its components will be preserved. The panels will remain exactly the thickness specified in the parameters. The shelves will stretch so that there are no extra gaps. And the fittings will retain all sizes and proportions.

Edge marking

Just click on the edges.

The library supports both parametric and dynamic edge marking. Switching the edge type is done with a simple mouse click. There are four color options in total:

  • White - No edging.
  • Green - 0.4mm thick edge.
  • Yellow - edge 1mm thick.
  • Red - edge 2mm thick.

All specified edge thicknesses can be changed to others via the module parameters. This will change the thickness of all internal components.

Открывание фасадов и выдвижных ящиков кликом
Системы выдвижения Blum в EasyKitchen

Blum fittings

Pull-out systems and lifts.

In the EasyKitchen PRO library you will find BLUM drawer systems that have additional functionality (such as changing the color and height of the sides). Also, at any time, you can change the drawer system both on a single drawer and on the entire module at once. This is done using the replacement plugin. And in the wall cabinets there are modules for all types of BLUM lifts.

Report generation

Specification and estimate for the project.

EasyKitchen PRO contains a plug-in for generating project reports. Save the finished project, then select with the mouse all the modules that need to be sent to the report and click the Cutting Report plugin button. In a few seconds, the report will be ready. Open it using the Redcut file and get a detailed specification with details and estimates.

Деталировка мебели

Designing furniture for everyone

From beginners to large manufacturing companies.

Custom furniture design

If you are engaged in the production of furniture to order, where sometimes you have to deal with very complex, non-standard projects, then EasyKitchen is definitely your choice. The library is remarkably flexible. Absolutely everything is customizable, so EasyKitchen is suitable for designing custom furniture like no other program.

Furniture designing

Do you design furniture? Then the panel system for designing furniture, which is included in the library kit, will be very useful to you. Build your project from them, set the necessary attributes and scale it as you like. In this case, the proportions of all elements included in the model and their position will be preserved.

Furniture and interior design

The EasyKitchen library, thanks to its flexibility, allows you to implement even the most incredible furniture designs. At the same time, the correct technical standards are maintained. And the comprehensive capabilities of SketchUp will allow you to surround the project with a beautiful interior. Create your own projects, without limits in the flight of fancy!

For newbies

Do you want to design furniture yourself? With the EasyKitchen library, your project will be completed at the highest professional level. It does not require special knowledge in furniture production. Everything is intuitive, and SketchUp itself is very friendly. More than 10 years of furniture design and manufacturing experience has been invested in the library.