Milled facades

A replenished addition for the EasyKitchen library, which includes new types of milled facades, crowns, balustrades and pilasters for kitchen and cabinet furniture.

The kit includes a constructor of facades and pilasters, with which you can create your own unique model.

$59/365 days


How to work with facades?

Milled furniture facades will greatly embellish the look of your projects and give them a more realistic look. Change of facades is carried out by "hot swap". Just remove the old facade and pull out the new one from the library. It will automatically fall into place of the previous one, accept its parameters and color.

The constructor of facades and pilasters allows you to create your own unique models from ready-made elements. Each of the components has its own additional settings, with which you can change your own parameters (milling depth, chamfer radius, step size and much more).

What is included in EasyFacades


The add-on includes 11 ready-to-use milled facades and 28 facade designer elements.


Only 28 types of pilasters and 21 elements of the pilasters constructor.

Crowns and balustrades:

Only 2 types of crowns (cornices) and one balustrade. End-angle slices are made using a dynamic click on the left or right.