All EasyKitchen libraries are translated into English!

All Redkit libraries are translated into English!

All the latest versions of the libraries are finally translated into English and are available for download from the repository in the English version of the site!
New video on kitchen set design

New kitchen design video

A new kitchen design video has been released on our YouTube channel! In it, I will show you the basics of designing a kitchen in SketchUp using the EasyKitchen library.
First EasyKitchen English version release

EasyKitchen English version release

Ladies and gentlemen! Ladies and Gentlemen! Today is a milestone! The first English version of the EasyKitchen library has been released! Every parameter, every value has been translated.
Redcut processor updated to version 4.3.2

Redcut update to version 4.3.2

The Redcut report processor has been updated to version 4.3.2. We eliminate the possibility of an error and fix a bug with a range shift when exporting details.
Three packs of wood textures from Arroway

Wood textures by Arroway

Member of Mag Qhost, shared with all users of the EasyKitchen library three professional wood texture packs from Arroway at once.