Furniture handles

A replenishable addition to the EasyKitchen library, which includes new types of furniture handles.

All of them support the hot swap function and greatly decorate your projects!

$59/365 days


How to use them?

Transform your furniture project by replacing standard handles with elegant and unusual models from this add-on using the hot swap feature. Just remove the old pen and pull the new one out of the library. It will automatically replace the previous one.

What is included in EasyHandles?

At the moment, the collection contains pens in a classic and urban style. A total of 93 models, many of which support changing lengths through parameters.

Что входит в EasyHandles?

На данный момент коллекция содержит ручки в урбанистическом стиле. Всего 62 модели, которые поддерживают функцию горячей замены.

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