Furniture handles

A growing addition to the EasyKitchen library, which includes more than 90 types of furniture handles.

All of them are hot-swappable and will greatly decorate your projects!

Working with furniture handles

Component replacement plugin

Transform your furniture project by replacing the standard handles with the dainty and unusual models from this add-on with the help of the component and texture replacement plugin. Just select the modules where you want to replace the furniture handle with the mouse and select another one in the plugin. The program will automatically replace all components, preserving their position and parameters. You can also color the handle in a different color through the replacement plugin. To do this, use the button to replace materials.

Collection of furniture handles

What is included in the package?

At the moment, the collection contains handles in classic and urban style, as well as in modern style. There are 86 models in total, many of which support changing the length through parameters. Handles can be painted in any color. The full collection can be viewed in the "Repository" section.