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  • Working with sections


Compatibility and Requirements



  • Working with sections



The EasyKitchen library is compatible with SketchUp Make or SketchUp PRO 2017 or higher.

It is recommended to use SketchUp 2022 version, because. there is a significant improvement in speed.

To work with the library and all its components, Windows 8 or higher is required.

Redcut report processor requires Excel 2013 or higher.

Information for MacOS users:

The library, replacement plugin, and report processor have only been tested on Windows. We do not guarantee their operation in MacOS and do not provide technical support for this system. But, since there are subscribers who use it, we try to collect any information and try to help them as much as possible.

Here's what's known so far:

  • The Redcut report processing file does not work on MacOS.
  • You need to rename the folders and files of the library, which are displayed in hieroglyphs on the Mac. Moreover, only the English alphabet can be used! Otherwise, the replacement of components through the plugin will not work.
  • The EasyKitchen library itself and all its components work fine on MacOS.

​SketchUp has recommended PC requirements:

Processor: 2+ GHz;

RAM: 8+ GB;

Hard disk space: 700MB

Video card: 1 GB+ memory with support for hardware acceleration. Make sure your graphics card supports OpenGL 3.0 or higher.

A complete list of requirements is on the official website of the program at this link.

To work comfortably with the EasyKitchen library, you may need a more powerful PC:

The EasyKitchen library was tested on a laptop with Core i5 9300H 2.40GHz, 8GB RAM, GeForce RTX 2060, Windows 10 operating system. At the same time, it worked without delay.

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