Программа для проектирования кухни

Furniture design software

EasyKitchen is a furniture design program based on SketchUp. It allows you to easily and quickly design kitchens and other cabinet furniture. Includes a huge library of ready-made furniture modules, elements and materials. Сreates the details and estimates itself. Produces great visualizations. And it is very easy to learn!

Create kitchens of any complexity

Need a kitchen design program? With EasyKitchen you can create both classic and modern kitchens. The finished library contains hundreds of modules and elements for creating a kitchen set of any configuration. There are no design restrictions. Absolutely everything is customizable!

Проектирование кухни в SketchUp
Программа для проектирования шкафов

Cabinet furniture design

The EasyKitchen program allows you to design not only kitchens, but also any other cabinet furniture. The ready-made library contains more than 80 types of panels for furniture design. Or you can use ready-made templates from the EasyCabinets add-on to sketch out a wardrobe in just a couple of minutes. You can immediately receive details with an estimate and send the cabinet into production.

Furniture visualization

There are more than 25 visualization plugins for SketchUp. There are both paid and free, both complex and very simple. You will definitely find what you need. Even the simplest render will give you a much better picture than other specialized furniture programs. The pictures show visualizations created by community users. All of them used the EasyKitchen library. There are works done in V-Ray, OctaneRender, Corona Renderer, Twilight Render and other renderers.

Плагин замены текстур и компонентов для SketchUp

Quick replacement of fronts, drawers, handles

EasyKitchen has a plugin that allows you to change textures, facades, handles and even retractable systems on the fly. And both for a separate module and throughout the entire project at once! This is done in just a couple of mouse clicks. In addition, the plugin can create details and estimates for the project.

Calculation of details and estimates

Just create a project in EasyKitchen, and then the program will independently prepare detailed details and a full estimate. You will receive a complete list of furniture parts indicating the edge, its type and footage. You will know the square footage of all materials, the list of necessary accessories and the total cost. You can also immediately send the completed estimate to the client.

Деталировка и смета в EasyKitchen

Key features of EasyKitchen

Easy to learn

Unlike other sophisticated furniture design programs (Bazis, bCAD, K3-furniture, PRO100 and others), the learning process in EasyKitchen is much simpler, more enjoyable and faster. On our YouTube channel you will find very detailed training videos.

Additions with facades, handles and textures

The EasyKitchen library has several add-ons that significantly expand its capabilities. For example, the EasyFacades add-on contains more than 120 models of furniture facades and pilasters, which will allow you to decorate any project, turning it into a work of art!

Complete 3D editor

EasyKitchen is a library for designing furniture in SketchUp. And SketchUp, in turn, is a full-fledged three-dimensional editor. Moreover, it is the friendliest and easiest to learn. Such a tandem allows you not only to quickly design furniture, but also to create an interior, exterior, and in general everything that can come to mind! These are not “crutches” or a limited set of additional models, as in other furniture software. There are no restrictions here!

Report with details and estimate

No matter how complex your project is, no matter what modules, panels and fittings you use in it - all this will be displayed in a detailed report that can be created in a couple of clicks. In it, fronts and panels are distributed by type and form details, taking into account color, thickness, edges and many other parameters. Based on the square footage of the materials used, the number of sheets will be calculated, and all accessories will be included in the estimate with the prices that you indicate in the price list. Thus, a complete calculation of the cost of the project will take no more than a couple of minutes.

Beautiful visualization

There are more than 25 visualization plugins for SketchUp. From the simple and free Twilight Render to such professional monsters as V-Ray, OctaneRender or Lumion. Choose the one you like! In any case, the final picture will be many times better than in other specialized furniture programs.

Customization to your standards

We are all different and we are used to making furniture differently. Each furniture maker has his own established standards. Also, materials and fittings come in completely different parameters. It is impossible to take into account everything at once, so the EasyKitchen library can be easily customized and used exactly in the form in which you are accustomed.

Parametric furniture design

Enter the required parameters from the keyboard and that’s it! The module and its components will instantly change in accordance with the new parameters. In this way, you can change almost everything: the dimensions of the module itself and its elements, gaps, indents, grooves, cuts, inset or overlay facade, walk-through or inset racks and much more! In this case, there will be no distortion of the geometry and no displacements will appear.

Flexible structure

Need extra rack inside your cabinet? Just take it from the library and stick it in your closet. Is the crossbar in the way? Remove it. Nothing will break from this. Modify the components of the library as you please, because everything is assembled from simple, standardized components.

Quick replacement of textures, fronts and other elements

The EasyKitchen PRO library comes with a replacement plugin that allows you to quickly change textures, fronts, pilasters, furniture handles and many other elements present in your project. You can replace either a single element or several at once.

Set of panels and sections

In EasyKitchen PRO you will find more than 80 types of panels and sections with which you can design any kitchen and cabinet furniture. And both in haste, if you need to quickly “throw out” a model, and thoughtfully, using design skills to create a truly multifunctional dynamic module for frequent use.

EasyKitchen is loved by users around the world

Already more than 300 furniture companies from all over the world use the EasyKitchen library to create their projects. User rating 4.9 out of 5 and only positive reviews. We have something to be proud of and for which we constantly develop the EasyKitchen library - the best program for designing kitchens and cabinet furniture!

More than affordable price

The cost of even the most complete EasyKitchen PREMIUM package, which includes all libraries and add-ons, is much lower than that of other furniture programs of comparable functionality. And there are more possibilities! At the same time, the library can be installed on any number of PCs within your organization!

User ratings and reviews

There is nothing more pleasant than a good review of the work done. Here are some short reviews from EasyKitchen users.

Thanks to all subscribers for your nice words and high ratings! We will continue to work on the EasyKitchen library with redoubled effort, delighting you with new functionality!

I can say with complete confidence that the library paid for itself completely from the very first order! It's a pleasure to work with her, the developers are beautiful!!! I use the maximum version.


Рейтинг 5 звёзд

Good day. I bought a library. I really like the library itself and would like to specifically mention the support service. The guys respond quickly and help. Thank you.

АватарMarina Kireeva

Рейтинг 5 звёзд

I’m just starting to put your program into production and the more I tinker with it, the more I like it! It relieves so many headaches that words cannot describe it.

АватарAlexey Babarykin

Рейтинг 5 звёзд

This is my second year using the library. Submitting a finished sketch to the customer became very cool. The library is very extensive and new items are constantly being added. The tech support works just great, they always clearly explain how and what to do. I wish the guys not to stop there, improve and develop their product. I definitely recommend purchasing.

АватарOksana Bozhko

Рейтинг 5 звёзд

I wouldn't want our competitors to have such a tool)))

АватарSergey Korshunov

Рейтинг 5 звёзд

Hello, I won’t say that I have completely switched to your library yet. But I really like her. The score is high because there is no need to retrain, before that I worked in pro 100. I recommend it! I borrowed the library for the second time.

АватарNikolai Khomich

Рейтинг 5 звёзд