Redcut update to version 4.3.2

The Redcut report processor has been updated to version 4.3.2. We eliminate the possibility of an error and fix a bug with a range shift when exporting details.

More about changes in this version:

  1. The "Clear" button now clears not only the loading sheet, but also the manually marked edge on the "LDF", "MDF" and "Tabletop" sheets. It also returns the original values in the "Edge" column (sets the value to "Take into account") in all tabs where this option is available.
  2. Fixed range being exported to SketchCut PRO. It was shifted by 5 columns, so not all columns got into the cutter.
  3. For export to ViYar, the range has also been corrected.

The updated Redcut is already available for download from the Repository.

Don't have a subscription yet? How can it be? You can purchase it in our Store.

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