Templates and elements for creating furniture.

EasyCabinets is an add-on that includes templates for swing cabinets and wardrobes, as well as sections and elements for quickly designing cabinet furniture. The add-on is part of the EasyKitchen ecosystem and supports the replacement and report plugin.

Working with templates

Rapid design using sections

Each template has several positions for placing sections in it. When you get the required template from the library, you can see the positions in it, they are numbered and highlighted in blue. In each of these positions, you can place any section available in this add-on. First, the section gets to the first position, then it can be moved to any available position through the parameters. The section will automatically take the dimensions of the specified position. Each section has its own special parameters that allow you to customize the appearance and equipment. For example, you can change the number of shelves, their height position, change the position of drawers, etc.

EasyCabinets добавление секций в шкаф

The EasyKitchen ecosystem

Support for features from other add-ons

The EasyCabinets add-on is part of the EasyKitchen ecosystem, so you can use elements from the EasyKitchen library itself or from its add-ons at any time. Everything will work. Replacement plugin and report included! See how quickly you can create a beautiful swing wardrobe by simply replacing the fronts with others from the EasyFacades add-on and using the textures from EasyTextures:

EasyCabinets замена фасадов и текстур