Solving login problems

How to register on the site?

There is no standard user registration on our site. A new account is added to the system only after any subscription is made, including the free EasyKitchen DEMO. When subscribing, you will need to specify your e-mail and password, which later will be used to enter the system.

I have a subscription, but I can't sign in.

This error occurs when you were logged in, but logged out and tried to log in again after a short period of time. At this point, the built-in protection is activated. In this case, you need to wait and try to log in later. Also sometimes clearing the browser cache helps. If the next attempt was unsuccessful, please write to us via the feedback form and we will try to help you as soon as possible.

I forgot my login details and can't recover.

Please write to us via the feedback form. We will help you restore access to your account.