Snap axes

What are snap axes for?

Snap axes are a convenient feature of the EasyKitchen library. Almost every module and element has them. Their purpose is the correct positioning of modules on the workspace of the program. In simple words - these "frames" around the modules allow you to quickly and accurately put the cabinet right next to the next one without the slightest displacement. And this is sometimes very important.

Features of snap axes

The binding axes are located at the extreme outer corners of most modules with indents from all its components. Basically they have the shape of an angle of 90 degrees and dimensions 50x50mm. The reference point for all modules in the lower left front corner. This means that when pulling the module out of the library, the mouse will “hold” it by the lower left front corner. Just at the anchor axis point. It will be enough for you to bring the module to the lower right front corner (there is also a binding axis) of the neighboring module and SketchUp will “magnetize” them. In this case, the positioning will be absolutely accurate. Therefore, for example, it is more convenient to design kitchen sets from left to right.

Оси привязки на модуле BA

For some modules, the snap axis can be located in other places and have a different shape. And also change your size and position depending on the specified parameters. This is also done for ease of positioning. For example, in the BG1 module, two snap axes are offset so that when docking the cabinets at 90 degrees, they stand correctly.

Оси привязки на модуле BG1

Also, for many additional elements, such as countertops, sides, GOLA profiles, etc., the snap axes can have a different shape, size and position. But this is also verified so as to dock these elements correctly, relative to other modules.

Оси привязки на модуле столешницы

Hide and show snap axes

Snap axes are needed only at the design stage. After all the elements of the project are located, they can be hidden. This is done through the "Layers" window in the right panel of the "Tray" program (The default tray in the Russian version of SketchUp). We find in this window the item "Binding Axes" and uncheck it. All. The axis of the snap is hidden. To display them again, you will need to check the box again.

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