Installing the library and report plugin

A video with a detailed description of the installation of the SketchUp program and the EasyKitchen library (in Russian). Including demo versions of the library.

And for those who like to read, there is a detailed text description below.

Unpacking the archive

After you have gained access to the client section of the site and downloaded the archive with the library from there, it should be unpacked into any convenient folder on your computer. Inside the archive, just in case, there is a text file describing the installation of the library.

Install SketchUp

There are many questions like:

"I can not find the installation file. Where can I get it?"

In this regard, we added the archive with the SketchUp program to the "Downloads" section. To install it, unzip the archive and run the sketchupmake-2017-2-2555-90782-en-x64.exe executable file

Following the instructions of the installer, install the program on the computer. If you have difficulty installing, watch the video at the beginning of this article. This process is described in detail there.

After that, proceed to add the library to the program.

Adding a library to SketchUp

We launch the SketchUp program (for commercial use, you will need the PRO version of the SketchUp program, which can be downloaded from the official site). The tray window is located on the right side of the program. In it we find the tab "Components". Here you need to add a folder (namely a folder, not a file!) With the purchased library. To add it to the "Components" tab, click on the arrow:

A menu opens in which you need to select "Open or create a local collection ...".

We find on the computer a folder with the acquired library, go into it and press the "Select Folder" button. That's it, the collection has been added. Quite often, questions arise precisely with this action. Out of habit, the user searches for a file or files in the opened folder, and the folder is empty. It is not empty, just in this case you need to add the folder, not the files.

To fix the library in the SketchUp program, again click on the same arrow and in the drop-down menu click on the item "Add to Favorites". Now you can always quickly return to the library by clicking on the arrow near the house icon:

 In the drop-down menu, select your library and it will immediately appear in the "Components" tab.

It remains only to go into the desired folder and get the required module from there. General view of EasyKitchen library folders:

Install Report plugin

The report generation plugin comes with the EasyKitchen library. The archive with the plugin is called "redkit_report.rar".

It must be unpacked at:


C:/Users/****/AppData/Roaming/SketchUp/SketchUp 2017/SketchUp/Plugins

Where **** is your username.

Mac OS:

The folder is located in a hidden directory, so in the top menu of finder: Go / Go to folder ... ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2019/SketchUp/Plugins

To stop doing this anymore, drag the folder into the sidebar of the Finder.

Launch SketchUp and a new panel with a button will appear on the workspace of the program, which launches the report generation plugin.

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