Dynamic functions

It's important to know!

To activate the dynamic functions of modules and components, you must first select the standard tool SketchUp "Interaction with dynamic components."

Work with the library in one click!

Most elements of EasyKitchen library support dynamic interaction with them.

The well-known function of opening doors and drawers. You won’t surprise anyone with this. But there are other elements that can also be modified with one click. Few people know about this. Therefore, we decided to devote an article to this wonderful function, which will greatly simplify and speed up the creation of your projects.

One-click texture rotation

Perhaps not everyone knows that textures applied to module elements can be rotated not only from the "Component Parameters" window, but with one click of the mouse. Just take the "Interaction with dynamic components" tools and click on the desired panel. The only exceptions are facades. To turn the texture on them in this way, you will need to go inside the main module, and then inside the facade module. This is done because of the need to maintain the ability to open facades and drawers.

End caps on profiles and sides

Indeed, many people do not know about this functionality. On the side walls for countertops, as well as on profiles for lighting and GOLA profiles, the plugs can be changed with one click of the mouse. Active zones are located to the left and right of the center of the element. Click changes the type of plugs to the next. And so in a circle.

Fancy Active Elements

Perhaps this functionality is not useful, but it is still present in the library.

For example, on a dishwasher, you can remove the tray.

And on the legs of the bottom row of kitchen cabinets, in one click you can add or hide a clip for attaching the base plate.

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