Configure SketchUp to work with the library

For the convenience of working with the EasyKitchen library in SketchUp, you need to reconfigure the work area a bit so that all the necessary controls and windows are always at hand. You only need to do this once.

Tray setting

First, let's figure out the panel on the right side of the SketchUp program screen. In the Russian version, this panel is called the "Default Tray". In English - "Tray".

You can close the Tutorial bookmark in the future. At first, she will tell you what actions are available for each tool. Bookmarks can be swapped with the mouse, click-move method.

You can add and remove bookmarks through the main menu Window-> Default Tray:

In this menu, immediately check the "Layers" box. In the future, they will be very needed. The remaining items can be added as needed. You can move bookmarks as you like. For example, the following order is convenient for me:

The next step is to add the purchased library to the "Components" tab.


A detailed description of installing the library is described in the article "Installing the EasyKitchen Library".

Toolbar customization

When you start SketchUp for the first time, there is only one toolbox on the toolbar, called "Getting Started":

It is better to immediately replace this panel with a more advanced one. You should also add a few more panels for convenient operation. To do this, right-click anywhere in this panel and select "Large Toolbox" in the drop-down menu.

The checkmark from the "Getting Started" item must be unchecked.

Now we add in the same way additional panels that are required. These are Dynamic Components, Views, and Styles. Thus, you should get approximately the following working window of the program "SketchUp":

Over time, as you improve your skills, you may need additional plugins. And toolbars can be much larger. The same "Twilight Render" is an additional plugin that has its own toolbar. It is added in the same way as regular panels.

SketchUp is very flexible both in work and in setting up its workspace. You can even create your own personal control panel and add there only those tools that you need, and remove unnecessary ones. This article shows the minimum settings that you need for comfortable work in the program with a library of dynamic components for designing EasyKitchen furniture in SketchUp.

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