EasyKitchen library description

EasyKitchen is a powerful and at the same time very easy to learn library for the parametric design of kitchen furniture in the SketchUp program.

You can create kitchen sets of any complexity with absolute accuracy. It does not require special skills in 3D modeling.

And for a finished project in just a couple of clicks, you can create documentation for production with detailing and costing.

Parametric design

Any change to EasyKitchen library modules is done by simply entering parameters. The result of the modifications will be instant.

This approach to furniture design is the fastest and absolutely accurate.


EasyKitchen has many built-in technologies that make the library flexible and convenient.

No geometry deformation

Without geometry deformation When changing the dimensions of the modules, there is no displacement and deformation of the geometry of the components included in them.

No texture stretching

When changing the dimensions of the modules, the textures do not stretch on the components included in them.

Snap axes

Snap axes Additional snap axes according to the external dimensions of the modules for the convenience of their positioning in the project.

Parameters with links

Some parameters of nested components are associated with the main parameters for faster module configuration.

Flexible structure

Modules consist of standard components that make up the library. This makes the module structure very flexible.

Report Generation

Modules are configured to display all their components in the report. All module parameters are taken into account.

Click actions

All components of the modules support mouse click actions (dynamics).


The modules support creating and editing grooves for the highlight profile.

Hot swap

Components of modules that support hot swapping can be replaced at any time with others from the library.

Dynamic menu

Manage modules with one click of the mouse using the dynamic menu.


EasyKitchen library is compatible with SketchUp 2017 version and higher.

Version history

EasyKitchen 2.6.1 - 13/09/2019

Fixed: Bug with applying texture to module elements.

EasyKitchen 2.6 - 02/09/2019

Added: Dynamic menu for all kitchen modules and their components;

Added: Two new cases of PCS and PDS;

Added: Smoother animation of the opening of facades and drawers;

Fixed: Bug with a frame of facades;

Fixed: Facade bug on TC2HF;

Fixed: Bug with drawers on PD and PD2 pencil cases;

Fixed: Several other minor bugs.

EasyKitchen 2.5.1 - 16/08/2019

Fixed: Cabinet Modules TG2, BG2, BG2S;

Added: Module of direct worktops "Worktop 2";

Added: Rod module for clothes.

EasyKitchen 2.5 - 10/08/2019

Added: Modules of lower cabinets TG1-MCL, TG1-MCR;

Added: Modules of pencil cases for PC2, PD2;

Added: The module of the mechanism "Magic Corner".

EasyKitchen 2.4 - 05/07/2019

Added: Modules of the upper cabinets TD1, TD2, TD3;

Added: Modules of pencil cases for cabinets PE1, PE2, PE3;

Added: Module "Main module" for more convenient work with panels;

Edited: All panels and modules are configured to work with the "Main module";

Added: Redcut - new "Parts List" sheet with flexible sorting;

Added: Redcut - column "Cooking";

Fixed: Bug with the number of fittings in the section with shelves in all cabinets and modules.

EasyKitchen 2.3.2 - 02/07/2019

Fixed: Bug in the facade of MH.

EasyKitchen 2.3.1 - 01/07/2019

Added: Module "Metal section"

Fixed: Bug in sections with shelves.

EasyKitchen 2.3 - 21/06/2019

Added: Parameter "Number of shelves modifier";

Added: Parameter "Position of racks relative to the bottom of the cabinet";

Added: Parameter "Edge of the case";

Added: Parameter "Edge of facades";

Added: Parameter "GOLA L-profile height";

Added: Parameter "GOLA L-profile depth";

Added: Parameter "GOLA C-profile height";

Added: Parameter "GOLA C-profile depth";

Added: Parameter "GOLA C-profile offset";

Added: Parameter "Depth of vertical profile GOLA";

Added: Parameter "Length of guide drawers";

Added: A new type of facade with a milled integrated handle "MH";

Added: Several types of drawers;

Fixed: Several small bugs.

EasyKitchen 2.2 - 11/06/2019

Added: 4 modules of the lower row of kitchen cabinets for washing;

Added: 7 modules of the top row of kitchen cabinets with drying dishes;

Added: 1 module for drying dishes;

EasyKitchen 2.1 - 06/06/2019

Added: Standard baseboard panel from chipboard;

Added: HL facade module;

Added: HS facade module;

Added: Diagonal facade module;

Fixed: Error associated with the appearance of inches instead of millimeters in some modules;

Fixed: Error associated with the omission of some elements of modules during report generation;

Fixed: Report plugin now does not pay attention to auxiliary lines (for example, those remaining from the Roulette tool);

Fixed: Error associated with the appearance of duplicates in the Excel file "redcut";

Fixed: Error related to skipping positions in Excel "redcut" file;

Fixed: Excel file "redcut" now works on Mac too;

Changed: In the Excel "redcut" file, the way of adding a report has been changed;

Changed: Manual indentation of drawers on the left and right is changed to automatic;

EasyKitchen 2.0 - 30/05/2019

Changed: New principle for building modules.

Changed: Rewritten all cabinet modules.

Changed: Rewritten standard panels for building modules.

Changed: Rewritten hot swap components.

Changed: The tabletop module has been rewritten.

Changed: Reworked modules for worktops.

Changed: Reworked profile modules for countertops.

Changed: GOLA profile modules rewritten.

Changed: The modules of the front hardware were rewritten.

Added: Plugin for report generation.

Added: Excel file for generating details and estimates based on the report.

Added: Function for manually changing the distances between shelves.

Added: Function for manually changing the height of drawers.

Added: New models and types of embedded technology.

Added: New pen models.

Added: New models of milled facades.

Deleted: The dynamic menu was removed from the library due to a noticeable slowdown of the modules.

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