Twilight Render

EasyKitchen library runs in SketchUp, for which there are many plugins for visualization. This means that you can present the client with a project in the form of a photo of a realistic image. And making such sketches is much easier than it sounds!

There are a lot of plugins for visualization. There are both paid and free. Much depends on what kind of result you want to get and how much time you are willing to spend on studying such render engines.

For example, the mega-popular V-ray is pretty hard to learn. And also often buggy.

A fly in the ointment is also added by the fact that many parameters are far from real life. We have to try different values, and sometimes very far from reasonable. And a lot of time is spent on this, which is not always good for a furniture project. And yes, Vray is paid.

Therefore, you should pay attention to Twilight Render. This plugin has a free version of "Hobby", which is not much different from the paid one. Here it will suit us!

Of the pluses - the render is very easy to learn, a minimum of settings, convenient and quick preparation of the model for rendering.

There are also disadvantages - visualizations made in Twilight Render cannot compete with such monsters as V-ray, Octan Render, Lumion, etc.

But this is not necessary! We need a free plug-in to be able to quickly provide the client with a fairly high-quality picture of his project. And for this he is suitable like no other!

Here are some examples of the work visualized in Twilight Render:

A client who expects to see ordinary furniture drawings will be delighted! This has been verified many times)


Soon we will prepare an article on working with Twilight Render and add it to the documentation.

Download Twilight Render Hobby here.

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