Work on EasyKitchen 3 is in full swing!

I would like to share plans and current achievements in working on a new version of EasyKitchen library.

First we want to ask you: What would you like to see in EasyKitchen 3? Write us your wishes in the comments. We will try to complete all the tasks that are possible;)

What is in our plans

- The general architecture of the modules will change, as we want to "lighten" the library for faster and more convenient work with it;
- Standardization of attributes for faster development;
- Improving the appearance of the parameter window for better readability;
- Simplification of the structure and formulas of all panels;
- Simplification of the structure and formulas of the facade module;
- Simplification of the structure and formulas of the angular facade module;
- Simplification of the structure and formulas of the drawer module;
- Simplification of the structure and formulas of the module "Section with shelves";
- Simplification of work with grooves for the GOLA profile;
- Independently adjustable section widths and heights for some cabinets.

Dynamic menu:
- Simplification of the scheme of the menu;
- Adding new items;
- Positioning the menu near the editable panel (and not fixed at the top of the module, as it is now).

- The Redcut file will be completely redesigned to add new features.
- A new item will appear in the component settings, which will make it easier to filter the list in the report.

We will supplement this list as we develop. Your suggestions will also be added if it is possible to implement them within the narrow framework of the capabilities of dynamic components.


Several modules are already ready and can be compared with the old version.

As an example, compare the statistics of the BA cabinet version 2.6.1 with version 3.0:

  1. Reduced file weight: 1.45 MB vs 1.63 MB;
  2. Reduced number of components: 105 vs 154;
  3. The number of component definitions has decreased: 81 vs. 128;
  4. We also reduced and optimized the formulas, so now everything works faster;
  5. The view of the parameter window became more readable and we tried to place the most requested parameters higher in the list, but did not neglect the structure.

The positioning of the menu has also changed. Now it appears not in the center above the module, but next to the part that you clicked on. And this position has become customizable! Via the parameters, you can set the menu position for each component of the module.

This is not a complete set of innovations. And not even the final version of the BA cabinet. Development continues!

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