EasyKitchen 2.3

The new version of EasyKitchen 2.3 is available for download! Working with library modules has become much more convenient due to the fact that new general parameters have been added.

So what has been added?

The following parameters were added to all library kitchen modules:

  • Modifier of the number of shelves;
  • The position of the racks relative to the bottom of the cabinet;
  • Case Edge Thickness;
  • The thickness of the edges of the facades;
  • GOLA L-profile height;
  • Depth of L-profile GOLA;
  • G-profile C-Height;
  • GOLA C-profile depth;
  • GOLA C-profile offset;
  • GOLA vertical profile depth;
  • Length of drawer guides.

Also added a new type of facade "MH" - a facade with a milled integrated handle.

And several types of drawers were added.

Removed several small bugs.

New options

All new parameters are available in the main parameters of the module. The main goal of the update is to simplify and speed up work with library modules. Such modifications could be made in previous versions, but for this it was necessary to go inside the module and change the parameters of all internal components manually, which took a lot of time.

Let's analyze the new parameters in more detail:

  • Modifier of the number of shelves - allows you to set the desired number of shelves in the cabinet without entering the inside of the module. If there are several shelf components in the module, then the same number of parameters. In this case, the name of the parameter additionally contains the characters (B) (C) and (H). They mean “upper section of shelves”, “middle section” and “lower section”.
  • The position of the racks relative to the bottom of the cabinet - the parameter allows you to choose how the racks will be located relative to the bottom of the cabinet. There are two options - invoice and insert. They added this parameter, because many people use the option when the racks "stand" at the bottom of the cabinet. If you do just that, then you will need to change this parameter for all library modules and re-save them with the right mouse button.
  • Case Edge Thickness - allows you to set the thickness of the entire edge for all parts of the module case.
  • Facade edge thickness - allows you to set the thickness of the entire edge for all facades of the module.
  • The parameters for GOLA profiles are the same as for the internal components of the modules. They carried them into the main ones for convenience. In case the profile has other overall dimensions or some material will be used instead of the profile.
  • The length of the drawer guides - well, everything is clear: the parameter changes the depth of the guides for all module drawers at once.

New modules

The new “MH” façade (with a milled integrated handle) is actually not entirely new. He was already in the library before version 2.0. But with the release of 2.0, the library structure has completely changed. In this regard, the module of this facade had to be redone. Finally, it is available again.

Several types of drawer bodies have been added. They are designed for hot swapping. These included the following modifications:

  • Drawer BLUM Tandem chipboard bottom;
  • Drawer BLUM Tandem HDF bottom;
  • Drawer without HDF front wall cut;
  • HDF drawer cut;
  • Printed HDF drawer (default).

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