Change the width of the facades on cabinets with two doors

We continue to share new functionality from EasyKitchen 3, which is now in development. And today we will present one of the new opportunities - the semi-automatic width of furniture facades on kitchen cabinets with double doors.

In the current version of EasyKitchen 2.6, the width of such facades can only be changed manually, using the SketchUp Scale tool, or by setting a value through the options window. At the same time, it will be necessary to adjust the size of the second facade. Simple, but can be done easier and faster. What we added to EasyKitchen 3 :)

So, in the new version of the library, you don’t need to go inside the kitchen module to edit the facade parameters there to the required size. It is enough to open the main parameters of the module, where you will find two new parameters "Width of the left section" and "Width of the right section".

By default, the values ​​of these parameters are "auto". This means that they are in automatic mode and divide the total width of the kitchen module exactly in half.

If instead of this word, in one of the parameters, enter your size, then the width of the corresponding facade will change to the size you specified. The width of the second facade will also change - it will fit the remaining size, because it has "auto" in the parameters. This is a semi-automatic mode.

If, for example, you need to leave the distance in the middle between the facades, then in both parameters instead of "auto" you need to enter the required dimensions. Then the facades will switch to manual mode and take the given dimensions.

See the gif, everything is clear there:

Semi-automatic width of furniture facades


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