The test module with the additive

Dear friends! Today we want to show you a test module for the next version of EasyKitchen. Here and the marking of the edges at the ends, and the additive, and much more!

Additive fittings

Let's start with the main question that has long tormented many subscribers - this is an additive - will it be in EasyKitchen and if so, in what form?

This module already has a certain similarity, but we lack information in this area. Therefore, a huge request to everyone who works with the additive - look at the module and write us your opinion. Do I need to change / add / remove something? This is important because better to make all adjustments at an early stage.

And the exact answer to the question “will there be an additive” will be known after tests in heavier modules. This module is simple, it has few components. It’s interesting how SketchUp will show itself in the case of a module, such as BD ... Although we removed 31 components that were responsible for the dynamic menu, 4 components were added in each part to the edge, and there were also an average of 4 components per part. So in the end it will turn out more than removed.

Now the additive module is more or less universal. It consists of three consecutive "holes", the diameter and depth of each of them can be separately configured in the module parameters. Thus, it is possible, for example, to make holes for confirmations.

The additive can be moved either with the help of parameters or manually. There is a switch "Type of displacement" for this. If you select "Manual", then you can move the module with the mouse. When moving with the help of parameters, the reference point for the length and width of the part is rigidly set. Thus, when scaling the entire kitchen module, there will be no offset holes.

The position of the additive can also be changed. There are two side options and four side options. Thus, you can place the module anywhere in the part.

There are also two options for sending additives to the report:

  • Hole + Fittings - the fittings described in the parameters and the position of the hole get into the report;
  • Hole only - only the position of the hole gets into the report.

I think the position of the hole will come in handy in the future if we can draw a conclusion on the CNC.

Параметры присадки

Edge marking

In the previous test module, we already showed edge marking at the ends. This feature has been approved by many users. So there are no changes here yet. If someone missed that publication, download this test module and in the layers uncheck the box "Display ends" and put a check mark on "Display edge". You will see that yellow ends appear on the module. This is the edge marking. She is dynamic. When you click on it, the virtual thickness of the edge on this side of the part changes, and accordingly the color:

  • White - without edge;
  • Green - 0.4mm edge;
  • Yellow - 1mm edge;
  • Red - 2mm edge.
Разметка кромки

Base textures

Please note that we have added basic textures to the module. These are not some specific materials from catalogs. They would have weighed decently. No - these are neutral, white-gray, light textures. The body panels have a wood texture, and HDF has a wavy texture. So you can immediately see the type of material and how the texture is directed now. It also allows you to color all panels of the same color at once with a locked cipher. Simple and convenient.

Simplified menu

The dynamic menu in the current version of EasyKitchen quite heavily loads SketchUp, so we decided to abandon it, leaving only a few static buttons. Moreover, with the new functionality along the edge, the need for a menu is practically no longer needed.

There are only two buttons in this module that change the number of shelves. It is displayed using the "Menu" layer.

Упрощённое меню

Module parameters

We tried to maximize all the functions in the main parameters of the module. So you can manage almost all the components. In addition, axis parameters have appeared that allow you to change the base point of the module and create indentation from all sides.

Основные параметры модуля

You can download the module from the link below. Download is available only for users with an active EasyKitchen PRO subscription.

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