Redcut 3.1.3 Update

В этом обновлении появилась новая вкладка "Опции", в которой можно настроить используемую в расчётах валюту, а также несколько других параметров. Также исправлено несколько мелких багов.

New "Options" tab

This is a new tab where you can change some global parameters of the Redcut report handler. The main one is the management of the currency used in the calculations:

Redcut вкладка "Опции"

Here a little remark is needed:

Due to the instability of the exchange rate, we decided to tie all the calculations to the Euro. Why exactly Euro:

  • Relatively stable currency;
  • Most of the accessories used are European (Blum, Hettich, Hafele, Salice, etc.), which means that its pricing is based on the Euro.

Therefore, in all the prices, an additional column has appeared, where the base price in Euro is indicated. Next to it is a column with the price in the current selected currency. This price is dynamic. When you select a different currency, it is recalculated based on the rate of the selected currency in Euros.

When adding a new line to the price, you just need to indicate its base price in Euros, then the price will always be formed based on the current rate.

Redcut дополнительный столбец с ценой в Евро


Exchange rates are static. They need to be changed manually. This is due to the fact that the versions of Excel are different for everyone and we cannot organize universal downloading of data from the Internet for all versions. In addition, the structure of sites from which you can take data on exchange rates regularly change the structure and this function in Excel will “break” every time.

If for some reason you do not want to use the binding to the Euro exchange rate, you can simply replace all the dynamic prices with static ones and delete the column with the prices in Euros. At the same time, the number of decimal places indicated in the Options tab will still work in the estimate.

Next to the list of currencies, there is an additional parameter that sets the number of decimal places after the decimal point in the prices and amounts of the "Estimate" tab.

The Options tab has a few more options:

  • "Edge options" - are responsible for the correspondence of the thickness of the panels to the width of the edge.
  • "Name of options" - if you do not like the names of some options used in the report handler, you can change them here (then you need to go through all the tabs and change all the drop-down lists, choosing a new default item).
  • "Information" - the current version of the report processor and the minimum version of EasyKitchen library supported by it.

Other changes

  • The “Manual list” block in the “Estimates” tab has been slightly reworked. Now he can pull up the article and the size of the selected item from the manual price list.
  • Shipping cost is reset. It must be indicated in the current selected currency.
  • The cost of the edge on the chipboard and on the MDF is now different.

Fix minor bugs

The following minor bugs have been fixed in this version:

  • Fixed a slight difference in the total cost in the "Manager" and "Client" modes;
  • Fixed adding stock to the material in the estimate;
  • The tab "Molding" has been fixed, a clean list is now formed more accurately.

The new Redcut 3.1.3 report processor can already be downloaded in your profile files on our website. If you find a mistake, please let us know immediately. This is an important file and requires prompt correction of any errors.

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