Redcut 3.1.2 update

We fixed some detected errors and added new functionality. In addition, detailed documentation on the Redcut report handler has appeared in our documentation.

What's new?

Firstly, many thanks to our subscribers Arsenty and Ilya for the quickly found bugs. Thanks to them, we were able to quickly edit this very important file.

Full list of fixes and innovations:

- Fixed: The estimate did not show the edge on the MDF;

- Fixed: Bug with the location of the whole molding in the estimate;

- Fixed: Bug with a point in the 0.4mm edge. Now it doesn’t matter whether a period or a comma is specified;

- Added: "Client Mode";

- Added: "Manager Mode";

- Added: Price "$ Manual";

- Updated: Improved manual list in the estimate.

"Client mode" - hides columns with base prices and parameters that the client should not see and displays additional columns in which the totals are already indicated.
"Manager mode" - displays all columns, with the exception of amounts for customers (which already correspond to the totals in manager mode).

The new Redcut 3.1.2 is already available for download on your profile. If you find a mistake, please let us know immediately.

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