Redcut 3.1.0 update

Ladies and Gentlemen! Introducing the all-new Redcut 3.1.0! Much faster and more convenient report file handler.

File updated:

Due to a typo in the MDF estimate formulas, please download the Redcut file. Now it is called Redcut 3.1.1. The bug is fixed. We apologize for the inconvenience!

What's new in Redcut 3.1.0?

Easy report loading.

Forget about manually loading report files using the built-in Excel managers. Now just click on the "Download" button and select the report file on your computer. Also, now it is possible to upload several reports in a row. Each report must be downloaded separately. Entries will be posted under each other.

To clear the download list, just click on the "Clear" button.

Increased download speed.

The new Redcut loads and processes report files much faster. Approximately 4 times increased processing speed. We tried to load the same report into the new and old version. In the first case, the load was 4 seconds, in the second case - 16 seconds.

Complete and clean list.

Redcut now provides two lists for each type of component. This is a complete list that contains all the positions of this type and a clean list in which all the same positions are combined. It is very convenient! For example, in the complete list you can always find any part you need and find out everything about it, and a clean list can be uploaded to cutting and there will be no duplicate parts.

Facades Tab.

The “Curved facades” bookmark was simply renamed to “Facades” and its functionality has changed a bit. It is intended for facades that have fixed dimensions and price. The bookmark only works with those components whose name will contain the entry “Facades” (without quotation marks). EasyKitchen 3.0.3 does not have such components by default. If you want a certain facade to fall into this category, you will need to change this entry in its parameters. The same will need to be done with all the bent facades. For many users, the library modules are already configured "for themselves", so we decided not to update the modules with curved facades. Just change the entries in them and re-save back to the library (RMB-> Save As).

Also, in the "$ Facades" price list, you must specify all the facade parameters (color, size, thickness) so that it falls into the budget.

Improved estimate.

Bookmark "Estimates" has also undergone processing. The main innovation is the "Hide empty" and "Show all" buttons. When you click on the first button, all empty lines are hidden to make the estimate shorter and more informative. When you click on the second button, all hidden lines are displayed again.

From the functional - the function of adding percent to the quadrature of the material was added to adjust the displayed number of sheets.

We checked Redcut 3.1.0 for errors by loading the same report into the new and old version. The results for the lists and estimates were identical. But still, if you find a mistake, please write to us about it. We will fix it right away. We will also be glad to any suggestions on improving the functionality of the report processor.

The new Redcut can already be downloaded directly from your profile on the site.

If you have MacOS:

As it turned out, Redcut doesn't work on MacOS due to some macros. Therefore, you can either use the previous version 3.0.11 or install Windows.

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