How to speed up the animation and reduce the weight of the model?

If you apply the EasyFacades add-on to your furniture projects, you probably noticed that when replacing many facades, SketchUp starts to hang a little. This is especially noticeable in the animation of the opening of furniture facades. How to get rid of this we will tell in this article.

So, you created the project and started replacing the standard, flat facades of the EasyKitchen library with beautiful milled facades from the EasyFacades add-on. At a certain point in time, when there are a lot of replaced facades (the exact number depends on the power of the computer), small hangs may appear when pulling the facades out of the component window onto the work area. This is because all EasyFacades modules are made up of many nested components. These are chamfers, frames, panels, cutters, etc. All of them, in turn, also consist of nested components. All this, in large numbers, makes SketchUp seriously strain. Hence the suspension.

Most of all, the animation suffers. It becomes intermittent. All smoothness disappears.

All that needs to be done in this case is to blow up the internal components of the facade several times.

We go inside the facade module by double-clicking the mouse to the inscription "✅ Hot swap function is available" in the component settings window. Now we go inside again. Select everything with Ctrl + A, right-click on the selected components and select the "Explode" ("Disconnect" in the Russian version of the program). Repeat the operation until the combined components remain.

To simplify the task, you can assign a key combination to the "Explode" action (if it is not configured). For example, Ctrl + E.

This is done through the top menu Window-> Preferences. Select the item "Shortcuts" and in the form "Filter" enter "explode". The function "Edit / Item / Explode" will appear. We click on the form "Add shortcut", press the combination Ctrl + E and bind it to this function with a plus sign to the right of the form.

Now you can always use this key combination to “explode” unnecessary components. This greatly facilitates the model. The animation will become smooth again. Hangs also pass.

A small minus is that the “blown up” facade cannot be reconfigured or used in another module. We'll have to take a new one from the component window. Therefore, it is better to do such manipulations in the final stage of the project.

And finally, to reduce the weight of your project, click on the black house in the components window and clean the project of debris accumulated after the explosions.

Watch the gif. It clearly shows how much the smoothness of the animation changes when a multi-component facade is used:

Weight reduction of the furniture facade


Click to view animation

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