How to make two handles on the same facade?

Sometimes it may be necessary to make two handles on one furniture facade at once. For example, on a wide drawer. And cranking it is very easy!

We go inside the kitchen module by double-clicking the mouse. Then also double-click to go deeper to the handle itself (in the handle settings window there should be a red inscription "✅ Hot swap function is available").

In its parameters, we change the position of the handle so that it is left or right. You can also set more horizontal indentation. We apply and the handle will shift to the side.

Now copy this pen. The most convenient combination is Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. We put it in any place and in the position parameters we set the other side.

Everything is ready. Now you have as many as two handles on the same facade!

Watch the gif!

Two handles on one furniture facade


Click to see the animation

Additional Information:

You may notice that the sides of the position of the handle module do not coincide with reality. For example, you set "Center left", and the handle is centered right. This is due to the fact that the facade module implies opening in different directions and therefore rotates depending on the parameters specified in it.

This inconsistency is leveled inside the facade parameters. Therefore, if you set the position of the handle in the facade parameters, then the handle is positioned correctly, in accordance with the specified parameters.

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