How to make a roof instead of crossbars?

There is a quick and easy way to replace the standard cross-pieces of kitchen modules with a whole panel. This can be useful in many cases. Someone always does this, and someone can use the kitchen module to quickly pile a chest of drawers.

To do this, we need the standard “Shelf” panel from the “Panels” folder.

We go inside the module with a double click, we get the same shelf from the library and position it at the highest point of the module. We stretch it using the standard SketchUp Scale tool so that the shelf covers the entire module in width and depth.

Attention! It is impossible for the shelf to go beyond the size of the cabinet. This is fraught with errors when scaling the module.

After that, go to the module parameters and configure it like this:

"Point in height" should be at the top;

"Indent on the left" and "Indent on the right" should be equal to the thickness of the respective racks, if you are making an insert panel.

If the panel is invoice, then we do not touch these indents, but go to the parameters of the racks and edit the indents from above.

Everything, the module is ready for further work) See the gif:

Replacing the cross members on the cover


Click to start the animation.

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